Financial Advisory Services

Preparation of Project, Reports Business Plans and Feasibility Study

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Law Advisory Services

Representing Companies at the Corporate Affairs Commission, Incorporation of trustees.

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Secretarial Services

Conduction Research on Companies, Conducting meeting, Opening Of Bank Account

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Governance and Corporate Business Servicing Firm.

Has a history of being one of the pioneering indigenous firms of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators to be established in Nigeria NOT affiliated to any firm of auditors or lawyers, i.e. it is not an appendage of any other firm, solely dedicated to providing excellent, innovative, high-quality Secretarial and Administrative Services at all times and committed to the overall growth of its clients and prospective clients Since its inception, the firm has made giant strides and has established a reputation as being a reliable and dependable ally for its numerous Clients/Customers. To achieve this cardinal objective of continually rendering excellent professional services to its numerous clients and prospective ones, the firm is willing to continually reinvent processes of strengthening its human and technological capitals and service delivery procedures.


We have had the pleasure to work with some great companies.

OUR MISSION Our corporate purpose is to render unparalled professionalism, affordable and qualitative Corporate Governance, Secretarial and Administrative services with strict adherence to meet international best practices and standards with a view of delivering firm competitive, efficient and reliable world-class organizations with integrity and commitment, to continually satisfy our Clients/Customers.

OUR VISION To be the global market leader in our sphere of business and to see that excellence, integrity, professionalism and loyalty permeate and is entrenched in the services we provide and to be the roadmap to others.

OUR VALUES To ensure that S. E. NOMUOJA & CO functions effectively and achieve its noble goals, it is guided by certain aims and objectives, (BRAVE POLICIES) envisioned by the Founding Partner:-
B – Best Practices
R – Reliability
A – Accountability
V – Value Adding Service Delivered
E – Excellence
P – Professionalism
O –Objectivity
L – Leadership
I – Integrity
C – Commitment
You -- are the reason we are in business.