• Issuing notices, arranging, conducting and attending meetings (Board, General, Committee etc)/writing the minutes of meetings.
  • Advising directors and shareholders on various matters that may arise at such meetings or after such meetings, in accordance with the provisions of the Companies and Allied Matters Act, 1990 and any other laws that may affect companies.
  • Liaising between the Company and the Corporate Affairs Commission and other relevant government agencies.
  • Advising on the appointment and resignation of directors and on the allocation and allotment of shares, including share transfers in private and public/unquoted Companies.
  • Advising on documentation required for the opening of bank accounts and preparation of the minutes of the board meetings covering the opening and changes in signature mandates, therein.
  • Arranging, preparing and issuing share certificates to various shareholders.
  • Bringing up-to-date, the outstanding secretarial work of a company which has not been active.
  • Keeping, regulating and maintaining the use of the company’s share certificate book, seal and statutory books i.e. Register of Members and Minute Book.
  • Assisting in arranging for complete statutory books, seal and share certificate booklet.
  • Sealing of documents authorized by the board of directors

Advising and arranging for procedural matters under the CAMA relating but not limited to:-

  • Increase in share capital and obtaining certificate of increase.
  • Change of Company’s Name
  • Alteration of Memorandum and Articles of Association and obtaining certified true copy.
  • Certified True Copies of all documents including Certificate of Incorporation, if lost, returns of directors, (CAC 7), returns of allotment (CAC 2), registered office (CAC 3) annual retunes etc.
  • Filing of Statement of Affairs, Section 636, specifically for Banks, Insurance Companies and Finance Companies.
  • Advising and holding the Company’s annual general meeting and filing the Company’s annual returns at the Corporate Affairs Commission and making sure that the Company files its annual returns as and when due.
  • Compilation of status/statutory search reports for companies and other organizations from the Corporate Affairs Commission, Abuja.
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