• Incorporation of Limited Companies Public Companies and Companies Limited by Guarantee.
  • Incorporation of offshore Companies.
  • Registration of Incorporated Trustees (Churches, Clubs, Association, etc).
  • Registration of Business Names/Enterprises, Ventures, etc.
  • Filing of petition before the Corporate Affairs Commission
  • Acting as authorized representative to clients, before the Corporate Affairs Commission.
  • Arranging for drafting/stamping of Memorandum and Articles of Association and other documents/further registration with the Corporate Affairs Commission.
  • Drafting of various forms of Agreements conveyances, etc, relating to projects and ventures. Joint venture Agreements, Feasibility Report, Viability Reports, Project Report, Business Plans Share Valuation.
  • Arranging for filing of notice of merger/acquisition.
  • Arranging for deed of release.
  • Pre-certification of forms and other documents/returns relating to Registration/modification/satisfaction of changes and their filing with the Corporate Affairs Commission.
  • Planning strategies for amalgamation/merger, acquisition, takeover, reconstruction, re-organization, restructuring and winding up of companies.
  • Advising, drafting of reconstruction schemes, schemes of amalgamation, public offer for acquisition or takeover.
  • Drafting of Memorandum of Understanding, Promoters’ Agreement/ Shareholders’ Agreement and Commercial Agreements.
  • Advising management on post merger, acquisition or restructuring strategies.
  • General Compliance with necessary legal and procedural requirements.
  • Appearing as authorized representative before relevant Government parastatals and advising on legal and procedural matters on various states, local and Federal Laws on various issues.
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