Manpower planning and development. We support organizations by providing them with good human resource management solutions in the following ways:


Recruitments, fixation of terms of employment and devising pay packages.

1) Recruitment

  • We handle recruitment through general search and selection for:
  • Junior cadre personnel
  • Middle cadre personnel
  • Senior cadre personnel and
  • Headhunting for Management positions.

2) Assessment

  • We assess and prepare candidates in advance for immediate employment.

3) Employee Verification Report

  • We conduct a credit report on employees’ Personality, School attended, Certificates presented/Academic attainment, Job Experience and medical fitness.

4) Support Staff Services/ Other services

  • We render support staff services to clients.
  • We advise on efficient and effective staff structure and ensure accurate tracking of leave records of employees.
  • We help organizations prepare job description of staffers. We assess the position and map out suitable job description.
  • We conduct Staff Audit by capturing employee’s information and ensuring adequate utilization on the job.
  • We also manage payrolls of staff.
  • We keep close marking on employees by visiting their work places and checking their performance in relation to all round expectations.
  • We advise, based on our findings, industry scale on salaries and compensation data.

5) Training

  • We render effective Management and Self Development Training to new employees, either in-house or outdoor. We equally handle Induction Training programmes for clients. We also counsel employees on character, behavior and moral to develop their mindset and motivate and recondition them for work effectiveness and result achievement.

6) Total Organisational Re-engineering

  • This involves restructuring existing Systems for effective and efficient management system.

7) Conference Management

  • We engage in conference management for both Local and international events. We handle this fully, partly or jointly with other conference managers.
  • Preparing and organizing conferences, seminars and other events.
  • Acting as rappoteurs at conferences and seminars.
  • We offer services across the main functions mentioned below. We market ourselves by our specialized lines of business and conduct our business by our core functions, in each of our chosen markets.
  • Company Secretarial Services
  • Corporate Commercial Law Advisory Services
  • Corporate Governance Advisory Services.
  • Financial Advisory Services
  • Business Regulatory Advisory Services
  • Intellectual Property Advisory Services
  • Corporate Training, Recruitment and Management Advisory Services
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